HAVER valve-bag technology

Customer-oriented products for the future

HAVER & BOECKER distributes systems and plants for filling loose, bulk products of every type into valve-bags. The valve-bag technology in its wide range of versions and materials is a flexible packaging material used especially for the economical filling of cement and other bulk products. We supply reliable and flexible machinery and technology that suits the quality and properties of the material.

Compact - clean - accurate weight

The aim of our valve-bag technology is to produce clean and compactly filled bags with an optimum weight accuracy. Also the regulations for allowable dust emissions must be observed when filling difficult flowing and dusty products. One requirement is precise knowledge of the properties of the product to be filled and the specific requirements of the packaging material.

Stationary or rotating: the right filling system for every product

To suit the application at hand, we offer single stationary or rotating packing machines, as well as complete systems from the family of the HAVER-ROTO-PACKER®, HAVER INTEGRA® and HAVER INLINE. Depending on the product, we select the suitable filling system: air, turbine, screw conveyor or pump. In order to reach optimum cleanliness during the filling and transport process, our valve-bag packing machines can be equipped with ultrasonic closing units. For automating the packing process, we offer the HAVER bag applicator as a supplement to our valve-bag technology.


The rotating packing machine from HAVER & BOECKER, the HAVER ROTO-PACKER®, is designed to handle every loose, bulk material in the cement, building materials, minerals and chemical industries whenever high packing speeds are expected.


The INLINE packer from HAVER & BOECKER is a stationary packing machine for filling fine and coarse bulk products into 25 and 50-kg valve-bags made of paper, polyethylene or polypropylene. Also mixed and granular products can be filled trouble-free with our inline packing machines.


The HAVER INTEGRA® is a fully automatic packing system for filling bulk products into 25 or 50-kg valve-bags.

HAVER miniseal®

The HAVER miniseal®, our mini Plug&Pack system, is a fully automatic packing system for filling loose, bulk products into small packaging from 2 to 5 kg.

Bag applicator technology

The bag applicator from HAVER & BOECKER can be used with stationary packing machines with 1 to 4 filling spouts, and with rotating filling systems with 3 to 16 filling spouts. It completes our valve-bag technology to fit your special needs.