HAVER FFS systems

Packing grainy, granular and powder-type bulk products into plastic bags

FFS machines from HAVER & BOECKER are ideal for filling grainy, granular and powder-type bulk goods into plastic bags. Our high-speed systems offer you a clean, tightly shut and compact packaging. Other advantges are greater product protection and extended storage times.

Form, fill, seal – everything in a single unit

Using the form-fill-seal technology, the bag is formed from a continuous PE tubular film inside the filling machine. Product filling and bag closing also take place inside the packing machine. Depending on the product properties, speeds of more than 2400 bags per hour can be reached.

The right system for your product

For filling your grainy and granular products into plastic and woven bags, we recommend our HAVER FFS systems. Your powder-type products are packed compactly and protected from the weather elements with our HAVER ADAMS® machine technology. Pasty and liquid product are filled by the HAVER FFS.

Installed and put into operation quickly at your site

The integrated design of the FFS systems enables rapid on-site installation and putting into operation. All components, from bag forming to filled bag discharge, are built into a single integrated system.

HAVER ADAMS® – for powder-type products

Clean, sealed and compact: powder-type products are packed into PE bags by the HAVER ADAMS® FFS technology.

HAVER FFS – for granulate

For filling grainy and granular products into plastic and woven bags, the proven stationary HAVER FFS systems are the right choice. They fulfil the requirements of economics, high product protection and long storage capability.

HAVER FFS liquid – for filling liquids

The HAVER FFS liquid is a fully automatic system for filling pasty and liquid products into PE bags made from a tubular film.