Screen surface materials

The lasting success of HAVER screening technology is based on an in house interaction of professional know-how and creative energy. Screening machines, engineering, production and wire weaving as a corporate conglomerate sets free synergies which are reflected by direct customer benefit.

Standard tensioning edge
Double fold tensioning edge
Conical-hole punch plate

The selection of the adequate screen surface with regard to material, aperture width or type of perforation is decisive for productivity and screening effiency of the machine.

Only the precise correlation of material feed rate, feed material and its physical properties and the type of screen surface enables a technical optimizing of the overall system and thus makes it profitable.

For selection and application of wire mesh screen sections, HAVER disposes of an extensive range of in-house products. The advantage: The optimum screen section is a “standard” component for each respective machine and application.

Experience, a quality awareness which cultivates the responsibility of every employee as well as a constant optimizing of proven production processes have given HAVER industrial screens the competitive edge.

Special configurations such as segmented versions for easier assembly and disassembly, round, rectangular or square cuts as well as screen panels made of polyurethane (PUR) or rubber and perforated plates are applied according to requirements and individual customer specifications.

Pressure-welded grids
Perforated plates