High pressure cleaners for the sand and gravel industry, the natural stone industry and the recycling industry.

Based on its years of extensive experience in plants, systems and components of process engineering, HAVER & BOECKER developed a system for cleaning impure raw materials mixtures with particle sizes of 0 to 150 mm.

This technology offers its customers an environmental advantageous and cost effective cleaning process. The result that emerges from this technological challenge is called HAVER Hydro-Clean – a high pressure cleaning system suitable for an output material productivity range of 70 to 400 t/h.

The individual throughput rates can be regulated in accordance to the level of impurity. Merely 0,12 m3 to 0,3 m3 of fresh water is necessary for washing one ton of material contaminated with earth or clay with a power consumption of 0,3 to 0,5 kWh.

The system can be positioned as a single installation in an existing process or may be integrated as part of a complete solution with subsequent equipment such as screening machines, dewatering screens or water recirculators.

For the plant operator success are assured.

HAVER Hydro-Clean

ModelHC 700HC 1000HC 2000 T (twin)
Capacityup to 100 t/hup to 200 t/hup to 400 t/h
Pressure60 – 200 bar60 – 200 bar60 – 200 bar
Electrical power28 – 58 kW51 – 116 kW100 – 220 kW
Water requirement8 – 10,5 m³/h16 – 21 m³/h32 – 42 m³/h