HAVER & BOECKER plant engineering and construction – complete solutions for industry

For the efficient manufacture of premium quality cement, building materials, minerals, chemicals, foodstuffs and animal feed products, it is simply not sufficient to arrange single machines or processes one after the other. Only by taking the entire system as a whole while considering the investment and operating costs is it possible to provide the desired success and security when it comes to planning.

This is the reason why HAVER & BOECKER effectively bundles process and plant expertise to create innovative concepts for the above-mentioned industrial sectors. This has made us a success story as a systems supplier and provider of solutions for industry:

  • Complete handling systems for loose materials in bulk
  • Silos and loading materials in bulk
  • Continuous ship loading and unloading
  • Silo and terminal stocking facilities, flat storage
  • Packing and filling systems
  • Palletizing and loading systems
  • Plant automation
  • Installation and plant start-up service
  • Semi-turnkey, turnkey plants
  • EPC
  • EPCM
  • Components
  • Infrastructure

Process engineering

Viewing and laying out the process in its entirety over its various steps is the core of this activity.

Plant engineering

Completing complex plant projects over the various works and all planning phases requires decades of experience and expertise in integration.

Project management

What good is in-depth process knowledge and excellent machine technology if the execution of the project is not optimal? At HAVER & BOECKER we ensure projects remain in bounds: organisationally, timewise and financially.