For over 20 years, Goodtech provides to worldwide customers the best and the most cost-effective solutions for packing wide range of bulk materials into Big Bags (FIBC – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container). The product range includes devices operating based on gross principle (product is weighing in bag) and net principle (cutting before filling the bag), as well as fully automated packing lines. Our customers have wide selections of packing equipment and accessories compatible with Portabulk® bags. All devices can be also tailored to users’ requirements, our experienced engineers’ team is able to design and build Big Bag rig meets customers’ expectations.

Goodtech’ devices are fully compliant with current regulations for safety and environmental protection. Capacity depending on product’ properties, type of bag and used packing system reaches up to 150 T/h.

In addition to Portabulk® rigs, Goodtech provides complete solutions for logistics, storage, traceability and identifying of products, and peripherals as welding and stretching stations, conveyors, printers, labelers and bags handling equipment.

Net Weight Filling system

A high-capacity filling system which is fitted with an adjustable valve to ensure optimum material flow and a telescopic filling spout to accommodate a variety of PORTABULK® FIBC types. According to requirements, the system can be equipped with automatic welding and stretching, robot FIBC placement systems, dedusting filter and other peripherals.

Gross Weight Filling system

 A versatile filling system which includes a telescopic spout for a variety of PORTABULK® FIBC sizes and types as well as a range of conveyor options. The system is compatible with most types of existing equipment and can also be supplied as a mobile unit.

Fully Automate Bagging

 A highly flexible automated unit adapted for gross and net weight rigs which includes fully programmable collection, inflation, filling, liner welding, tensioning and conveyance modules and is suitable for retrofit applications. The system can be equipped with integrated labelling and marking equipment enabling full functionality in an Industrial IT context. Possible is also upgrading existing systems in FAB.