Laborytory equipment

The HAVER & BOECKER product range offers a wide variety of products for particle measurement engineering and laboratories. Included are sieve analysis machines for obtaining particle size composition and allow sieve analyses to be performed in the shortest possible time.


Depending on the type of material, area of application and site location, various designs are available for dry or wet screening. They are all high performance, robust and low maintenance equipment which have a proven track record of reliable use over the years.

HAVER gradation analysis sieves are manufactured in accordance to the applicable national and international standards: DIN ISO 3310, ASTM E 11, BS 410, AFNOR, etc. HAVER has also developed the CSA-Software for the computerized analysis of standard-complying sieve analyses. HAVER furrowed sample splitters are used for dividing material samples into representative test samples. Clean sieves for analysis are a prerequisite for exact screening results. A HAVER USC-cleaning unit has a proven track record as a reliable cleaning system.

The HAVER CPA 3-2 particle measurement instrument scans free-falling particles using a high speed CCD camera and outputs the particle size results and grain form distribution. The high pixel number allows a very broad measurement range. As an online variant, the CPA instrument may be integrated in the production process, which makes machine adjustment regulation possible.